Adults make up 20% of the number of patients getting braces annually. That number is only increasing as more adult patients seek orthodontic care. Adult patients include more than just people in their 20s to 40s. They are also people over the age of 50. It’s exciting to think that older adults are giving themselves the gift of a beautiful smile.

Orthodontics at Any Age Is Enticing

Some adult patients are making their trip to see an orthodontist with younger members of the family. Daddy-and-me or Mommy-and-me plans are enticing and save time and money for families by synchronizing visits to the orthodontist. Make getting braces a family event that improves everyone’s health.

Many Adult Patients Are Being Referred

Many times a dentist will refer adult patients to an orthodontist. If you have a misaligned bite or some other oral problem, orthodontists are better suited to provide the care you need. As long as you are not suffering from gum disease and have strong teeth, you are a great candidate for orthodontic care. The possibility of retaining your original teeth for a lifetime is very likely.

Oral Issues Compromise Your Overall Health

It is wise to have your teeth corrected and straightened. Teeth that overlap or are crowded are hard to clean which increased the potential for gum disease and tooth decay. Poor alignment also puts excessive stress on your muscles used for chewing and can cause jaw and facial pain. Now, adults have the option to wear braces and avoid the need for dental implants or dentures.

Adult Orthodontics Is Our Specialty

An orthodontist office isn’t just for kids. Many orthodontists offer adult orthodontic treatments that involve straightening teeth and aligning a proper bite. It is advisable to seek care from an orthodontist who has taken the time to seek hands-on training concerning how to straighten adult teeth and improve smiles.

The idea that you can’t have your teeth straightened or you wouldn’t qualify for braces because you are an adult is not true. In quite a few ways it’s easier for adults to take care of their braces than it is children. Adults tend to be more responsible and avoid eating foods that can harm braces.

Adults also understand and find it easier to learn how to care for different types of braces. This decreases the risk of getting cavities and can make treatment faster. When teeth and braces stay in perfect condition, the entire process stays on schedule. There are no delays such as the need to remove brackets for dental care or the replacement of broken brackets.

Adults Experience Fewer Complications

Adult braces function similarly to those worn by children. The main difference is that adults have fewer potential complications. Mature patients have their mature teeth already. Their jaw has stopped growing, too. Both of those facts make it possible to align teeth. Children could potentially need additional treatments when molars come in.

Choose from a Variety of Treatment Options

There are a variety of treatment options for adults when it comes to braces. You could choose traditional braces or clear aligners. Both are great solutions for aligning teeth and giving you a smile that you want to show off. Concerning which type of treatment is best for you, you need to discuss all of your options with a caring orthodontist ready to start treatment.

Every Patient Is Different

Every orthodontic patient is different with varying needs based on bite problems, the position of their teeth, and their current lifestyle. Simply put, there isn’t a single orthodontic solution that will fit everyone. Your orthodontist will create a customized treatment plan that fits your needs and goals.

Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a free orthodontic consultation to get all of the information you need about adult orthodontics. A treatment plan can easily be determined for you. Take the time to reach your smile goals using the care and talent of Nowlin Orthodontics in Tulsa and Bixby.