Am I Too Old For Braces? - Dr. Nowlin Answers Your Questions


How old is too old to go to the orthodontist? It’s a question that many orthodontists get asked, and the answer might surprise you. You may associate traditional metal braces with your teenage years and think that treatment is not for you. But there are many other options for braces for adults that are far less obvious.

Invisalign has changed how adults feel about wearing braces. The best orthodontist in Tulsa is Invisalign certified and can provide any adult that needs braces with a comfortable option.

What is The Age Limit for Making Corrections?

There is no age limit for improving your smile or the health of your teeth. Ideally, the age to start seeking orthodontic treatment is seven years old. However, treatment options are not limited by age.

With the help of an experienced orthodontist, you can correct your teeth at any age. You do not have to be a child to take advantage of the care an orthodontist has to offer. Children, teens, and adults can all find treatment options that will improve their smiles and the health of their teeth at an orthodontist’s office.

Clear Braces Are Specifically for Adults

Invisalign aligners are specifically for adults and teens. Clear aligners remove the stigma that is often associated with traditional braces. Many adults avoid getting the orthodontic treatment they need because they are not aware that there are braces for adults that will not impede their lifestyle.

Invisalign aligners are a system of clear trays that are custom-fitted to your needs. They move the teeth gently into the proper position without metal wires and other noticeable parts. The trays can be removed to eat, drink and complete oral hygiene tasks.

Adults of all ages can wear Invisalign aligners. If you need braces as an adult, there is a solution, and you should not let your age get in the way of reaching your smile goals.

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