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You may be one of the 4 million Americans who need braces for crooked or misaligned teeth. The removable oral appliances can transform certain aspects of your personal and social life. They boost confidence and even help with self-esteem.

Our orthodontist Dr. Ryan Nowlin in Tulsa, OK will assess your teeth and recommend the procedure that you should undergo. Here is an outline of what you can expect before, during, and after the process.

The Procedure

You can expect the process to be painless and to take at most two hours. The time it takes to complete the placement of the braces will depend on the type of removable oral appliances you require.

There may be some mild discomfort immediately after the procedure. This, however, tends to wear off in a day. Our orthodontist will also give you tips on the kind of diet to follow and what to do to minimize discomfort. It will take not more than two days from the first appointment for the procedure to be complete.

Our orthodontic specialist may decide that you need spacers if your teeth happen to be too close together. They are removable oral appliances made of rubber that ensure there is enough room for movement. However, clear aligner trays do not require these additional devices. Your teeth may also need cleaning at this stage to remove any traces of plaque or tartar.

A Few Weeks After the Placement

During the first few days after the placement, you may need to make some changes to your diet. You are advised to avoid chewy and sugary foods, as they can interfere with the process and cause cavities.

At this time, the gums are starting to adjust to the placement of removable oral appliances. That’s also when you are most likely to experience soreness. Our orthodontist may recommend medication, in case your discomfort persists.

It is worth noting that only orthodontic specialists can carry out the procedure. Their know-how and experience give them the professional capacity to prevent and manage complications. Our orthodontist will schedule follow-up appointments to monitor the progress after the placement of the removable oral appliances.

A Month After the Procedure

You will start to see noticeable changes to your teeth after about one month. If there was any soreness after the procedure, it should have completely subsided.

You will still have to stick to the oral care regimen until you heal. You ought to avoid sugary and chewy foods that can compromise your recovery. You will have to adapt to a new process of brushing your teeth and gums, which you will learn from our oral healthcare professional.

You can maintain the progress of your recovery by keeping regular orthodontic appointments. Your teeth may need adjustments to spacers or the braces. In case of complications, you can address the problem when it is easiest to manage.


Braces are necessary for your oral health. They are hardly uncomfortable and you will always have our specialist to help you manage soreness or discomfort. Remember to keep your appointments to ensure a successful recovery. The healthy state of your oral health will boost your confidence and transform your life. For more information on braces and other orthodontic care services, contact our Bixby/South Tulsa and Glenpool offices or email us for a free orthodontic consultation.