Are you currently dealing with incorrect bite issues? An incorrect bite refers to an overbite, underbite, or crossbite. When you have bite problems, your jaw doesn’t align correctly as you bite down, which can cause several other problems. Luckily, seeing an orthodontic specialist can help with this. Read on to learn about the long-term impacts of having an incorrect bite.

Tension Headaches

Some of the worst side effects of having an incorrectly aligned jaw are tension headaches. The more misaligned your jaw is, the more pressure it causes you’re chewing, talking, or even sleeping. If you have a misaligned jaw that leads to tension headaches, you should go to an orthodontic specialist to see if they can help you with braces.

Improper Digestion

You must use your teeth to chew your food. So, when teeth can’t line up as they should, it may be hard to grind and chew your food properly. That can result in digestion problems, which can lead to other health issues. According to the National Library of Medicine, one of the main reasons people get orthodontic treatment is for misaligned bites, which are often discovered from secondary issues such as this.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a disorder that can result from a blocked airway during sleep. Your airway can become blocked based on how your jaw is aligned. When that happens, you may constantly wake up and fail to reach a deep sleep. It can also cause you to snore very loudly during sleep. An orthodontic specialist can help with this problem by using certain devices. They may recommend a CPAP machine that fits over your mouth to ensure the jaw stays in a certain place during sleep. Ensuring that the jaw is stable during sleep will help keep your airway clear so you can sleep peacefully.

Speech Problems

Your teeth alignment affects the way you talk. Each sound you make relies upon how your tongue interacts with your upper mouth or teeth. Therefore, people who have severe alignment issues may develop speech impediments. Having a speech impediment may cause self-esteem issues, particularly children. However, regular visits to an orthodontic specialist can correct this problem before it develops.

Our local orthodontic specialist can help with those jaw alignment issues. Whether you have an underbite, overbite, or crossbite, there are ways to correct it with orthodontic treatment. Call our local office today, so you no longer have to deal with speech problems, eating problems, or sleep apnea.