If your orthodontist has recommended that you wear braces, you can expect to have them on your teeth for a long time. According to Humana, children typically wear braces for two years, while adults have them for around three or four years. While some people encounter issues like teeth staining when wearing braces, there are easy ways to prevent these problems.

Avoid Problem Foods

Certain foods are more likely to cause staining than others. While many people know that coffee stains teeth, others like tomatoes, blueberries, and acidic foods, can also be a problem. Limit your intake of these foods, and avoid others associated with stains, like dark salad dressings and red wine.

Brush More Frequently

Most people brush in the mornings and evenings, but if you wear braces you may want to brush more often. If food particles stay on your teeth throughout the day, you’ll likely develop stains. When possible, brush your teeth immediately after each meal. You may want to pick up a small toothbrush you can take on the go!

Schedule Regular Orthodontic Appointments

Periodic checkups are one of the most effective ways to prevent stains and keep your teeth in good health. During appointments, your orthodontist can change your bands or ligatures and adjust your braces as needed. It would also help to visit your dentist at least once a year to have your teeth cleaned.

Try a Water Flosser

Wearing braces can make it hard to clean teeth properly. Water flossers are devices that shoot a stream of water at teeth, helping wash away difficult-to-reach food particles. It’s an excellent way to clean hard-to-reach areas, and can remove plaque from along the gumline. Water flossing can upgrade your normal dental routine!

Avoid Using Whiteners

If you’ve noticed signs of staining, you may be tempted to use whiteners to brighten your teeth. Unfortunately, these products can actually make staining worse! Since your braces partially cover your teeth, a whitener could cause your exposed teeth to become lighter than the rest of the smile. Save whitening products until after your braces have come off.

Braces can transform your smile, but if you’re not careful, they could also leave you with teeth stains. Thankfully, practicing good dental hygiene and taking a few precautions can help to prevent staining. Don’t avoid braces because of concerns about preventable stains. Contact us today to speak with an orthodontist and start down the path toward a healthier smile!