Adults go to the orthodontist to get braces just like children and adolescents. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, one out of every three orthodontics patients is an adult. Taking proper care of braces is imperative at every age. Here are the top tips for living with braces as an adult.

1. Brush Regularly

Brushing regularly is crucial for removing food particles stuck in your braces as well as cleaning your braces. Brush your teeth and braces after every meal using a good toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. Remember to replace your toothbrush regularly.

2. Floss Once a Day

Flossing in between the teeth and under the wires using an orthodontic flosser is important for cleaning braces. Floss at least once a day to clean and remove food particles from in between your teeth and braces to prevent bacteria build-up and potential decay. Rinse your mouth using mouthwash to clean any bacteria left behind after brushing and flossing.

3. Eat the Right Food

Watching what you eat when you have braces protects them from staining, decay, and structural damage. Avoid drinking acidic drinks like soda as they can stain your braces; gummy food as they can stick on your braces and damage them; and crunchy or hard food as they can break your braces. If you must eat crunchy or hard food, cut them into small pieces. Stick to eating soft food and drinking water.

4. Don’t Use Your Teeth as a Tool

Using your teeth as a tool for opening bottles and tearing fabric while wearing braces can break your braces and even your teeth. Avoid using your teeth as a tool if you want your braces to be most effective.

5. Visit Your Orthodontist Every Three Months

While it is recommended to go to the orthodontist every six months, it would be best to see an orthodontist every three months, if you have braces, for cleanings and checkups. Your orthodontist will clean the parts you can’t reach when brushing and make any necessary adjustments to your braces. This will help maintain the integrity of your braces throughout treatment.

Living with braces as an adult doesn’t have to be challenging. Use these top tips to take care of your braces. Contact the friendly team at Nowlin Orthodontics if you want to get braces or need help with your current ones.