Ann is a native Oklahoman and began her career in Tulsa as an orthodontic assistant in 1983, working for Dr. Van Nowlin. She worked with “Dr Van” for a number of years and even helped put Dr. Ryan Nowlin's braces on when he was a teenager. She was excited to witness “Dr. Ryan” join his father in 2003 and see the practice evolve into the Nowlin Orthodontics of today.

During her career, Ann has seen many changes in orthodontics but, throughout that time, it has been rewarding for her to remain a consistent part of such an outstanding team. Ann has fun at the office and says it is gratifying for her to see the transformation that happens in patients as they build self­esteem and confidence during their orthodontic journey.

Throughout the years, Ann has likened to many different hobbies. She enjoys archery and rifle bench rest competitions, boating, gardening, folk art painting, and sewing to name a few. She still enjoys reading, watching movies and getting together with friends.



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