Some of us are born with teeth that don’t quite fit together. Others develop misaligned jaws or crooked teeth because they’ve worn down their enamel too much due to incorrect brushing techniques or improper dental hygiene. Whatever the cause, the result is a mouthful of pain and discomfort. There’s no need for you to suffer any longer. One visit with an orthodontist will go a long way in restoring your smile and making it easier to chew. So, when should you visit an orthodontist?

1. If You Have a Bite Problem

One of the main sources of orthodontic issues is a bad bite. The teeth should fit together in such a way that they’re comfortable and you’re able to chew without pain or discomfort. If you have an overbite, underbite, irregular bites, or if your lower front teeth stick out while your upper teeth are too far back, it’s time to make an appointment with an orthodontist office right away. You can take care of these conditions by getting braces (a series of metal wires and brackets) and/or retainers (small appliances used for holding teeth in place).

2. If Your Teeth Aren’t Straight

A less severe but very common issue is having a crooked or crowded smile. A visit with an orthodontist office will quickly determine whether you need affordable braces to straighten out your teeth, Invisalign (a series of custom-made, clear plastic trays worn over the teeth), or another form of treatment. The good news is that even minor corrections can make a dramatic change in your appearance.

3. If You Have Crowding Issues

Do some of your teeth look like they’re touching each other? Does it sometimes seem like your teeth have grown closer together while you were eating or drinking? Crowded teeth can cause several issues, including problems with chewing and speaking. If you notice any changes to the alignment of your teeth, it’s time for a visit to an orthodontist office. They will make sure all of your teeth fit comfortably within your jaw and that they’re not crowded up against each other.

4. If You’re Experiencing Signs of TMJ Disorder

Another common sign that it’s time to visit an orthodontist straight away is experiencing signs of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ). This includes soreness and stiffness around your jaw, clicking or popping with movement, and tenderness in your face. These types of symptoms are caused by excessive stress on the joint between your lower jaw and skull. Treatments such as braces (also known as fixed appliances) can help solve these problems by shifting teeth into a more normal position and relieving pressure on the joint. Talk to one of our orthodontists right away if you’re experiencing any pain or discomfort.

5. If You’re Experiencing Certain Dental Issues

A bad bite, crowded teeth, or jaws that don’t meet correctly can all cause issues with your enamel. This will eventually lead to painful problems like gum disease and cavities. If you notice any of these symptoms, even if they come and go, it’s an indication that you should get in touch with an orthodontic specialist right away to see how they can help you get rid of the root causes of these problems.

Time to Visit an Orthodontist Office

A child born with misaligned teeth may grow up feeling unhappy about their appearance or experience dental pain preventing them from enjoying certain foods. An adult might feel embarrassed by the way they speak because their teeth aren’t lined up properly or have problems chewing due to crowding in their mouth. No matter what age it occurs, visiting an orthodontist is something everyone should do once they notice any changes in the alignment of their smile. Once diagnosed, many people discover that orthodontic treatment will not only improve their appearance but also relieve pain and discomfort.

At Nowlin Orthodontics, we’re here to help you experience a straight and healthy smile that brings out your best. Contact us today to set up a free orthodontic consultation appointment.