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There is perhaps no doubt in your mind that your teeth are a vital asset to your life. Without them, unless you’re a smoothie and soup addict, it would be rather difficult to enjoy your favorite foods. Keeping your teeth healthy and intact is the job of the individual along with their dentist of choice, but what about when your teeth are crooked or misaligned? Then you will probably be taking a trip to the orthodontist office and entering into the realm of orthodontists, braces, and clear aligners.

Whether you’re going for traditional metal braces or invisible braces, it is commonly assumed that braces are only for straightening teeth. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the second most common reason for braces is to fix an overbite. Straightening teeth often helps with fixing other issues that may have remained beneath the surface. From self-esteem to preventing gingivitis, braces have much more utility than they’re given credit for.

In this brief article, we’d like to discuss five ways braces can improve your life beyond straightening your teeth. All of these are easily verifiable at your local orthodontist’s office and will surely make the orthodontist helping you out beam with pride. After all, it is literally their job to give you a lovely smile.

Top 5 Reasons To Get Braces

1: Improve Dental Hygiene

Crooked teeth are tartar and plaque’s best friends. All the hidden nooks and crannies make it easy for bits of food to hide and fester, causing bad breath and making your chances of getting gingivitis or another serious gum disease much greater. By straightening your teeth and making them easier to clean, you eliminate any of these problems from happening and improve your overall dental hygiene. Combined with a quality toothbrush and some floss, there will be little stopping you from having the mouth of your dreams (and making it smell minty fresh).

2: Fix an Overbite or Underbite

For some people, getting braces is not about straightening teeth as much as it is about correcting an overbite or underbite. When someone has an overbite or underbite, the teeth do not align as they are supposed to and can cause damage to the gums as well as problems eating. In severe cases, the teeth can chafe and wear away by hitting against each other so much that there can be tooth or gum loss. By straightening the teeth and aligning the jaw, orthodontists can become miracle workers that allow people to have normal jaws again.

3: Improve Digestion

It may seem odd, but having your teeth properly aligned and straightened at your local orthodontist’s office can actually improve your digestion. When people’s teeth are crooked or misaligned and causing them pain, they can avoid eating foods that are good for them, such as fruits and vegetables. In their place, people may substitute with bad foods that are high in sugar or artificially soft (such as cakes or cookies) that will be bad for their teeth and digestion in the long run.

4: Boost Self Esteem

While many people want to have a good smile so that their face looks better and is more consistent, they rarely stop to ask and wonder why. The simple answer is that having a good smile and straight teeth are known to boost self-esteem. In a similar fashion to how people work out and eat better so that their bodies are sculpted just the way they’d like, getting proper orthodontic treatment makes people feel good about themselves.

5: The Power of a Smile

At the end of the day, your local orthodontist office is all about giving you the absolute best smile for your money. But far from simply enabling your teeth to be straight and pearly white, there is a larger purpose. What does a smile really mean? It is perhaps an expression of a person’s best nature, unique to them and unmatched. Truly priceless, it is the summation of how you convey your warmth and individuality to other people for connections. A good smile can open doors to new opportunities and new friends, truly becoming an asset that is unmatched.

To get the smile you’ve always dreamed of and experience these benefits, contact Nowlin Orthodontics to schedule your free orthodontic consultation.