orthodontics for adultsDid you go through your childhood and teenage years with crooked teeth? As an adult have you considered seeing an orthodontist who can straighten your teeth? You may have reservations and think that braces are only for children and teens. However, there is no reason why you shouldn’t seek care such as orthodontics for adults to achieve straight teeth.

In fact, the second most common reason for orthodontic treatments such as braces, besides aesthetics, is due to an overbite. So, orthodontics for adults is about much more than just cosmetic reasons, it’s about your overall health.

The Right Time to See an Orthodontist Is Now

The best time to invest in oral health services is now. Why wouldn’t you want to start bettering your health? Make an appointment to speak with orthodontic specialists about braces for adults as well as your overall oral health. You may have obvious orthodontic problems such as difficulty chewing, biting, or speaking. If any of these problems stop you from living your best life, these should be dealt with sooner than later.

Other problems are not as obvious and can be overlooked. Some symptoms of overlooked conditions include grinding or clenching of teeth, mouth breathing, or the inability to close your lips. Does your jaw shift positions or make sounds? In some cases, your jaw’s position can cause you to unintentionally bite the roof of your mouth or your inner cheek. All of those signs show that you may have a facial imbalance due to jaw positioning or teeth misalignment. You will need to invest in orthodontics for adults to correct those complications. Orthodontists have the training and special skills needed to diagnose and treat your problem.

Stop Being Self-Conscious About Your Smile

Do you avoid smiling or cover your mouth because you are embarrassed by crooked teeth? You should never have to hide your joy from others. Orthodontics for adults is the solution to your problems. Today, one in five patients visiting an orthodontic office is an adult. More adults are getting orthodontic care making orthodontics for adults a viable treatment option being offered by specialists in a growing number of offices.

Orthodontic care for adults tends to have much higher compliance which in turn results in quicker, highly successful treatments. There are quite a few advantages when it comes to braces for adults too. The ability to use clear braces, translucent brackets, invisible aligners, and lingual braces make getting your teeth straightened easy. Since there is also minimal change to your appearance, you’ll also feel more confident throughout the orthodontic process.

The Health Benefits of Adult Orthodontics Are Enormous

Of course, a great smile is just one reason for orthodontic treatment. There are many other health benefits that go along with beautifully straightened teeth. Well-aligned teeth are much easier to maintain and clean. They also suffer less from abnormal wear. When you have a better bite, you will be able to speak and eat without any trouble. Straight teeth are just another way to protect the health of your teeth for a lifetime.

When you’re ready to transform your smile, rely on the adult braces Tulsa residents trust at Nowlin Orthodontics. We’re prepared to answer any questions you have about the braces process. Come into our office or contact us online today for your free orthodontic consultation.