In our braces dentist office, we treat adults and children. Parents tend to put their children first, even when it comes to things like improving their smile. Whether the children need new pairs of shoes or orthodontics work, many parents are more apt to consider their children’s needs than the needs of their own. We are here to remind parents that it is possible to take care of a child’s teeth and to also improve the parent’s smile as well.


For any adult who believes that braces are only for children, we are here to say that adults can wear and benefit from brace just the same as children. With changing times, it has become more common for adults to invest in braces or other orthodontic methods for straighter teeth. Here are three benefits for adults interested in straightening their teeth.


Young children will typically have traditional metal braces as their only option. Traditional metal braces are more durable and the most effective way to straighten their young teeth. However, adults have significantly more options available, straightening teeth with options such as clear removable aligners, ceramic braces or lingual braces. We will help patients find the solution that works best for his or her lifestyle. With alternative options besides traditional metal braces, adults can discreetly straighten teeth.


Adults patients are significantly more mature than younger patients and will take better care of orthodontic treatment devices. Thus, adults are more capable and ready to handle any type of orthodontic treatment. The chances of experiencing complications are far less than that of a child simply because adults know how to properly care for their teeth and braces. With the proper care, the teeth-straightening treatment will go smoothly and with little issue. For children, any damage or lack of care to the teeth and braces will result in a longer term for treatment.


For any adults who wish to straighten their teeth using clear removable aligners, they will be in control of the treatment process. With clear removable aligners, adults can remove the aligners for important events and eat food. As long as the adult wear the aligners for at least 22 hours per day, the treatment will progress smoothly. The patient gets to decide what events are important enough to remove the aligners for. As long as the patient puts the aligners back in, the teeth will keep moving in the right direction.


We encourage you to visit our braces dentist office to discuss your treatment options and how, as a parent, you can have the smile you always wanted. Contact us today to get started with a free orthodontic consultation.