A lot of people have anxiety when it comes to getting braces. Anxiety towards braces usually comes from the fear of pain, discomfort, and/or appearance changes. Here are some tips on how to ease your anxiety about getting braces.

1. Talk to Your Orthodontist About Your Anxiety

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your orthodontist if you’re feeling anxious about getting braces! In fact, your orthodontist is the best person to talk to about your anxiety. They will be able to give you tips and advice on easing it. They may also prescribe medication or relaxation techniques that can help make the experience more comfortable.

2. Take Deep Breaths

When you’re feeling anxious, take a few deep breaths and relax your body. This will help calm your nerves and ease any anxiety you may be feeling. Deep breathing is a great way to release tension and stress, so it’s worth trying when you’re feeling anxious.

3. Accept That You’ll Appear a Little Different

One of the main things people worry about when getting braces is how they will look. It’s normal to feel self-conscious. You will look different with braces – and that’s okay! Braces are a part of orthodontic treatment, and once your treatment is complete, you’ll be able to smile with confidence. Try to focus on the end goal and remember why you got braces to begin with. You’ll be glad you got them in the end.

4. Remember to Take Care of Your Pain

Getting braces doesn’t have to be a painful experience. There are a few things you can do to help manage any pain that you may feel. First, try to take over-the-counter pain medication before your appointment. This will help ease any discomfort you may feel during the process. You can also ask your orthodontist for pain relief tips. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you’re in pain.

The bottom line is that braces don’t have to cause anxiety. With a few simple tips, you can ease any anxiety you may be feeling and make the experience more comfortable. To learn more about anxiety towards braces and orthodontic treatment, give us a call today.