If you’ve finally decided that your crooked teeth and misaligned jaw are no longer acceptable, then you’re probably looking for someone to fix them. Specifically, you’re wondering how many orthodontists you’ll have to consult before you find the perfect one for you. The one that will not only competently install quality adult braces but perhaps even provide lively conversation and helpful tips about how to stay sane with braces. Luckily, you’re not alone. Today, approximately 4 million Americans are wearing braces, according to the American Association of Orthodontists.

In this brief article, we’re going to give some tips about how to find the correct orthodontist for you. Even if you think the odds are stacked against you, remember that there are many orthodontic specialists out there and one of them is bound to be the perfect fit. Whether they are located down the block or in the next town over is irrelevant. They exist and they want to provide you with excellent service.

Inquire About Experience and Education

Before choosing an orthodontist, you may want to inquire about their experience and education, because an inexperienced orthodontist may not be able to provide the treatments that you’re seeking or have the wisdom to advise you on what’s best. This changes once you find an experienced orthodontist who has dealt with all kinds of situations and knows the proper solution to each one.

Consider Convenience and Proximity

Visiting an orthodontist is a bit different than seeing a dentist. With a dentist, you’re probably only visiting the office twice a year at most for teeth cleanings. But depending on what type of orthodontic treatment you’ve chosen and how intensive it is, you may be visiting your orthodontist’s office every few weeks for adjustments, questions, or routine maintenance. If the office is far away, this can very quickly become a burden or add to the expense of your braces treatment.

Evaluate the Office Environment

It hurts to say, but not every orthodontist’s office is created equally. Just like any other professional space, people have their own standards for what is clean and what isn’t. The same is true for organization, filing, and comfortable surroundings. If the office is not up to your standards and you can’t imagine spending many hours in it, then don’t feel the need to patronize it. You need to feel comfortable that the orthodontist you’ve chosen has your best interests at heart and aligns with basic values such as cleanliness, organization, and professional ability.

Ask About the Types of Treatment They Offer

When you’re trying to get braces, you need to ask yourself exactly what kind of braces you need. There are traditional metal braces, Invisalign clear aligners, lingual braces, and all sorts of retainers, expanders, and other orthodontic devices. If your orthodontist isn’t trained in the treatment that you want to pay for, then unfortunately you will have to find another orthodontist. Save yourself a trip to an office by finding out what types of treatment they offer before you make the effort to physically go down there.

Know the Cost of Treatment

You may think you’ve found the perfect orthodontist office until you inquire about the final cost of the bill. If it’s too high and they don’t offer payment plans or accept insurance, then you may have just discovered that you need to find another orthodontist. It’s not fun to admit, but some offices are just too expensive for some people. All it means is that you’ll be on to the next one to find your perfect fit.

Look up the Reputation of the Orthodontist

Last, but certainly not least, you’ll want to pay attention to the reputation that your orthodontist has online or from other sources. Professionals can say anything they want about themselves in advertising, but the word of mouth and online reviews rarely lie. If the orthodontist you’re considering has a reputation for being ill-tempered, doing incorrect billing, or any other type of red flag, you’re probably better off looking elsewhere. Once again, that’s OK because there are plenty of orthodontists that would love to serve you.

By staying diligent, paying attention to prices, and doing your own homework, you’ll be able to find the perfect orthodontist locally for you. Call Nowlin Orthodontics today to learn about our services and how we could be the right fit for you.