When it comes to getting braces, the second most common reason aside from aesthetics is correcting an overbite. While misaligned teeth and improper bite structure are reasons to seek out an orthodontic specialist, the challenge can be in finding the right orthodontist for you and your family. Orthodontic care is important, and to help make sure the experience and results are perfect for you, here is what you need to know about finding the best orthodontic specialists.

Consider Their Experience and Education

When researching orthodontists, it is a good idea to look into their educational backgrounds to find out what type of education they’ve had and if they’ve had any specialized training. This is important because treating particular problems might require a certain specialization that standard orthodontists won’t have. Additionally, the experience can play a huge role, especially if you’re setting up an appointment for a child with special needs. Looking into orthodontists to see how they are able to handle different patients like this can help make both you and your child more comfortable overall.

Multiple Consultations

Another important step when looking for the best orthodontic specialist is to get multiple consultations from different offices. Some may offer treatments and products that others don’t, or have varying costs that need to be factored in. For instance, if an adult or teen is looking into getting braces, offices that carry Invisalign might be more appealing. You should also take into consideration how well you get on with the orthodontist. If you feel like they are listening to your concerns and that they are both friendly and helpful, you’re overall going to feel more confident should you decide to stick with them.

Asking Important Questions

While going to consultations it is important to ask questions to ensure you won’t be blindsided by anything in the future. Because your dental health is so important, your orthodontic specialist should be more than happy to answer any questions you have. A few questions you can ask are:

  • Will the orthodontist be directly overseeing treatment or will the assistants handle most of the work?
  • Are the office hours compatible with your work or school schedules?
  • Is your insurance accepted and what types of financing options are available?

You should also consider the distance of the office from your home or work. If it’s too far away to conveniently make it for appointments, you may wish to look at options closer. However, this can be more of personal preference.

Choosing an Orthodontist Over a General Dentist

As the saying goes, all orthodontists are dentists. However, not all dentists are orthodontists. Choosing an orthodontist over a general dentist can offer you many benefits that can help you keep your mouth in the best shape possible. To become an orthodontist, a dentist must undergo two to three years of training and pass the board exams. This training, coupled with experience, makes a world of difference when it comes to detecting issues and fixing them in a safe and predictable manner.

If you’re looking for the best orthodontic specialists in your area, don’t be afraid to sit down and talk with multiple options. Meeting various orthodontists and learning more about their training and experience is the best way to find the care that’s right for you and your family.