Orthodontics has become a common issue in the current world, with adults and children requiring these services to ensure they regain their smile and a safe bite. It’s a practice that addresses issues like misaligned teeth and jaws and modification of facial growth. However, many don’t understand how such problems are common among the young. The information below will help you understand the commonality of orthodontic treatment services among children by expounding two points.

The Age

Getting braces to correct mal-positioned teeth and jaws is a common orthodontic treatment among kids. According to the American Association of Orthodontics, about 3.9 million United States children are orthodontic patients. This figure shows how severe the situation is and the urgency to understand this subject. Such high numbers have had orthodontists dealing with different conditions relating to their practice.

Fortunately, most conditions requiring orthodontic treatment services are solvable as long they are identified early. Ensure you know some signs and symptoms to watch out for to get your child the earliest assistance possible. Such alerts may include misaligned teeth and jaws, irregular baby teeth loss, overbite, underbite, and crowded teeth.

Common Treatments

Orthodontic treatment services cover a broad subject. This means not all children require similar medical attention as others. All orthodontic patients have individualized problems, but you can learn about the most common treatments in this medical sector. Braces have become popular today, especially in rectifying misaligned teeth and jaws. An orthodontist uses glue to fix brackets or archwires on the patient. These devices exert gentle pressure on the child’s teeth to bring them back in line with time.

A patient will also be required to wear retainers after the brace-wearing period. As the name suggests, retainers help maintain the teeth alignment achieved by wearing braces. These devices prevent the corrected teeth from sliding back into their original positions. An orthodontist recommends the time the child has to wear retainers.

Some children experience challenges during the teeth-growing phase. This means their palate is small. The treatments for such a condition are called palate expanders. These devices expand the palate to create more space for the growth and development of the child’s teeth.

Oral and dental well-being are among the most discussed topics today, especially among children. As a parent, you must understand how to check your child’s orthodontic needs to ensure they get the necessary services as early as possible. Feel free to consult us today for the best assistance in matters regarding orthodontics.