Don’t Wait – Seek Care for Emergencies | Nowlin Orthodontics

Nearly 25% to 50% of children need orthodontics. You have found affordable braces for your child. The experience was wonderful with a friendly orthodontist offering a relaxed environment, fun treatment, and the best possible care. Everything has gone perfectly, until now.

Your child has started to notice they are in pain beyond what you’ve been told to expect. The pain just lingers, and you are becoming concerned. What do you do? Orthodontic care services are more than the application of braces and follow-up visits. If your child has an orthodontic emergency, Nowlin Orthodontics is always available. Orthodontics is about the complete care of patients.

What Is an Orthodontic Emergency?

An orthodontic emergency can be many things, but the most common is severe discomfort. Some irritation is expected with braces, especially after they have been adjusted. This type of irritation should only last for a day or two. If it lasts longer, there may be an infection or underlying issue that needs to be identified. It is important that you call your child’s orthodontist and schedule an emergency exam, so your child doesn’t suffer.

Emergency Orthodontics Is Available When You Need It the Most

Emergency orthodontics is just what it sounds like, care available when you need it the most. That means orthodontic specialists will make themselves available during the evening and over the weekend, if necessary. Do you know if you need an immediate appointment for your child?

Don’t worry. When you call with concerns, caring staff will ask questions to carefully assess the situation. They will recommend what you may be able to do at home, if possible. If that does not work, they will work with you to get an emergency appointment scheduled quickly.

There Are Different Types of Emergencies

When a rubber band breaks, a wire can come loose. This creates an orthodontics emergency. Wires are designed to thread between brackets and are held in place with rubber bands. The wire itself moves teeth by applying pressure when braces are adjusted.

A loose wire is a problem on many levels. Wires are known to cause unnecessary cheek and gum tissue irritation. They can also put pressure and push teeth in the wrong direction when they are not in their correct place. Get this type of orthodontics emergency corrected immediately by calling your orthodontist.

Brackets Can Come Loose Too

Just like wires, brackets can also become loose. While brackets are quite durable, hard objects can force movement. This is typically caused by hard foods and chewing on things such as pencils. That is precisely why it is recommended not to eat certain foods.

Braces Can Irritate Cheeks Too Much

It stands to reason that it may take some time for your child to get used to wearing braces. There will be some irritation of their inner cheeks. If the problem increases, silicone or wax can be given to prevent the brackets from hurting their cheeks. This is a rather easy fix since both substances can be molded around brackets. Just give the orthodontist’s office a quick call for a pickup.

A Tooth Has Been Accidentally Damaged

Sometimes accidents cannot be avoided. If your child has had a tooth injured due to a sports accident or any other kind of accident, it is important they get emergency treatment fast. Brackets or wires may need to be removed to restore a tooth that has been cracked.

A bonding procedure can restore a cracked tooth. In some cases, your child may require a crown or veneer. The important aspect is making sure they get emergency treatment so their orthodontic treatment can resume quicker.

Call at the Initial Sign of an Emergency

At the very first sign of an emergency, you need to call your child’s orthodontist for care. Compassionate orthodontists like Dr. Ryan Nowlin at Nowlin Orthodontics offer their help outside of normal business hours and over the weekend. They are there for you and your family when emergency treatment is needed.