Six ways to ensure your teeth stay clean even with braces:


1. Be Prepared

– Making sure you have the right utensils to brush after each meal is extremely important. Pack your tools in a little bag and keep them in your purse, car, or backpack!


2. Have the Right Tools

– If you’re having trouble cleaning the areas near brackets and wires, there are some special tools that may help. One is the interdental toothbrush or proxabrush. It has a small tuft of bristles that stick up all around, like a pipe cleaner. Use it gently and carefully to clean the tiny spaces under wires and around bands and brackets. Another special cleaning tool is the oral irrigator or “water pick.” This device shoots a small stream of pressurized water at your teeth, which can help dislodge bits of food that become trapped in nooks and crannies.


3. All About the Angles

– For gum health, brush the top teeth with your brush angled down and the bottom teeth with your brush angled up. This will keep loosen food particles from your teeth and gums.


4. Floss

– To keep your gums clean and healthy you should floss once a day. Use a floss threader to get under the wire. Use it like you would a threading needle. Floss will also help with bad breath!


5. Use Fluoride

– Buy toothpaste with fluoride in it, it is essential. Fluoride has proven effective in preventing tooth decay and helps to prevent cavities. Use a mouthwash with fluoride in it as well.


6. See Your Dentist

– To make sure your teeth are on the right track, see your dentist twice a year! They will make sure you are brushing correctly!


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