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Are you too old for orthodontic care services? Patients of all ages benefit from orthodontic treatments such as braces. It is never too late to have teeth straightened. The most common reason for getting braces is aesthetics with the second most common being an overbite. No matter why you or family members need braces, taking action will only help prevent difficult oral health problems from occurring in the future.

You Deserve a Healthy Mouth and Confident Smile

Research has shown that oral health does affect a person’s overall health and wellbeing. While orthodontics can give you a beautiful smile and build confidence, what it really does is create a healthier you. You will be able to smile brighter and with more confidence knowing your smile looks incredible and your oral health is better too. Braces are an affordable and lasting investment for people of all ages.

Orthodontic Care for Kids

There isn’t a precise age for kids to start orthodontic treatment. Per the American Association of Orthodontists, children around the age of seven can start seeing an orthodontist. By this time, they should have a pretty good mix of baby and adult teeth. Treatment may not start immediately, but being able to examine young patients gives an orthodontist the ability to diagnose subtle jaw growth and tooth problems sooner.

Warning Signs Indicative of Orthodontic Problems in Children Include:

  • Grinding Teeth
  • Thumb or Finger Sucking
  • Teeth Coming Together Abnormally
  • Late or Early Loss of Baby Teeth
  • Snoring or Breathing Through the Mouth
  • Apparent Underbite or Overbite
  • Biting of Cheeks
  • Difficulty Chewing

Early treatment may be necessary in some cases. Trained specialists will do everything they can to ensure your child has a beautiful smile and improved oral health. Braces straighten teeth and reduce the risk for oral infections and cavities giving your child the best ability to continue to grow healthy and strong.

Teens Are Prime for Orthodontic Treatment

The adolescent years are prime for braces. When kids reach the age of 13, they typically have all of their permanent teeth. This gives a clear picture of any situations that may have developed for orthodontists. This is one of the main reasons people imagine someone with braces to be a teenager.

Braces Are Also for Adults

The American Association of Orthodontists has reported that 25% of patients are over the age of 21. Why do adults want to have their teeth straightened? Many times, they see how confident their children are after having braces. Adults may seek treatment to aesthetically improve their smile.

Sometimes, adults want to have better oral health and treat conditions that have only worsened over time. Thankfully, orthodontic specialists have options such as accelerated orthodontics that can straighten smiles faster. No matter why you want braces, caring orthodontists have the solutions needed to reach your goals and get the brilliant smile you’ve always wanted.

Plan for Treatment at Any Age

Personable and friendly orthodontic specialists will take the time to listen to your concerns then evaluate your smile. From there they will work closely with you to create an affordable custom plan with individualized treatments. You are guaranteed to achieve the smile you’ve always yearned for while your kids receive the best orthodontic care too.

Schedule Appointments Today

When affordable family orthodontics is offered, your entire family has the opportunity to receive care from the same office. This is a practical and convenient way to get the whole family treated no matter how busy your schedule may be. Appointments scheduled together also keep you from making multiple trips.

Schedule complimentary consultations to become acquainted with an orthodontist’s office and their skilled team. You get the opportunity to learn important information about orthodontic care for your family and yourself. Flexible orthodontists will do everything they can to fit your hectic schedule and offer a range of times for appointments. Schedule a free initial orthodontic consultation for you and your family today with Nowlin Orthodontics.