People of all ages need braces!

The BEST time to get braces is when your permanent teeth begin to come in.  This age differs for everyone but it is usually between the ages of seven and ten. Even if you feel like it is too early to bring your child in, scheduling a consult will only benefit your child.

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Do you think you are too old for dental braces? – Wrong! The American Association of Orthodontists says that one in five patients is older than 18 when receiving dental braces! However, the treatment will take longer because the bones in adults have stopped growing. Luckily there are many options as far as treatment goes such as clear removable aligners, lingual braces or ceramic braces. You can have the smile you have dreamed of.

Braces not only help cosmetically but they are also helpful to ensure your teeth are all being brushed. They can prevent tooth decay and help with your bite.

If you have questions about the best time to come in to see an orthodontist, contact us to schedule a free orthodontic consultation. We will be more than happy to discuss your options as a child or adult. Make your appointment today to begin your or your child’s road to a beautiful and healthy smile!