invisalign aligner

There are a lot of benefits of having a great smile, and invisible aligners may be able to help. According to Invisalign, over 14 million people used Invisalign to straighten their teeth, including 1 million teens. Keep reading to find out if you’re a good candidate for invisible aligners.

You Have a Simple Problem

Invisible aligners are a great at home solution to many alignment problems, but that doesn’t mean they can fix everything. As long as you’ve got a fairly straightforward issue, invisible aligners should work. Talk to your dentist before you invest in invisible aligners.

You Have Your Adult Teeth

There’s no point in fixing alignment issues if you don’t have all your adult teeth. Even if you get your teeth straightened out, your adult teeth may come in crooked and cause you to start the process over again. Once you’ve got all your adult teeth, you can consider braces or Invisalign.

You’re Responsible

At the end of the day, invisible aligners only work as well as you allow them to. You have to wear your invisible aligners for a certain amount of time each day, and it’s up to you to remember when to put them in and take them out.

You Take Care of Your Teeth

Before you worry about fixing your crooked teeth, you should make sure you’re taking good care of your teeth. Adults should brush twice a day, and floss at least once a day. You should also visit your dentist for routine cleanings twice a year to prevent tooth decay and gum problems.

You Don’t Smoke

Not only is smoking bad for your teeth, but it’s also not compatible with invisible aligners. You have to take your invisible aligners out every time you want to smoke, and that can make it tough to get the results you’d see if you wear your aligners all day. If you smoke, you should quit or take a break if you want to use invisible aligners.

If you’re looking for an easy way to straighten out your teeth at home, invisible aligners may be a good choice. As long as you’re responsible and have an alignment issue that could be fixed by braces, aligners work great. Give Nowlin Orthodontics a call to learn more about Invisalign and whether it’s the right solution for you.