Invisalign Treatment for Adults

More adults than ever are searching for “an orthodontist near me.” Whether you were not able to get braces as a child or you did and your teeth have shifted out of place, braces for adults are helping adults to get a smile they can feel proud of.

Luckily a lot has changed over the last decade when it comes to orthodontics. Today, metal braces are not the only option for adults who are looking to correct their teeth. Invisalign clear braces have made it possible for adults to get great results from their braces while enjoying an “invisible” braces look.

You could be a year away from a better smile. The average patient wears Invisalign braces for 12 months and reports a 96% satisfaction rate. Invisalign has opened up a world of opportunities for adults that need braces but do not want to contend with the look of metal braces.

Here Are Some Benefits to Consider

Most adults report that they decided to find one of the orthodontists that offer Invisalign because they wanted to improve their smile. Of course, many others opt for braces because of jaw issues, problems with their bite, and more.

A great smile is not the only benefit to getting braces. Braces can help promote healthier teeth, may reduce your risk of gum disease, and help aid in digestion. Correcting tooth placement problems, overcrowding, and overbites can make it easier for you to take care of your teeth.

Braces will move your teeth into the proper position and make it easier to care for your gums. When teeth are overcrowded, it can be difficult to floss properly, a key aspect in maintaining your gums. By correcting your smile, you can help your oral health in countless ways.

Of course, healthier teeth and gums are great, but there are even more benefits you can experience from wearing braces. If you suffer from jaw pain, braces may be able to help. Misaligned teeth can put added pressure on your jaw and cause pain.

Braces can even help improve your speech. When teeth are misaligned, pronouncing certain sounds can be difficult.

The biggest plus? Those who have finished their orthodontic treatments report feeling much more confident. Book your free orthodontic consultation to learn more about what our orthodontists at Nowlin Orthodontics have to offer to improve your smile.