5 Reasons Every Family Needs An Orthodontist | Nowlin Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment has, for the longest time, been associated with teenagers. Today, braces aren’t just for kids and adolescents; over 20% of patients with braces are adults.

Ever wondered if you need orthodontic care services? It is never too late to book an appointment with our orthodontist Dr. Ryan Nowlin. Below are the reasons why you should never have a second thought about orthodontic care.

1. Orthodontists Help Boost Your Confidence

Although they are considered natural, misaligned teeth have adverse effects on your confidence level. Any unusual appearance is likely to attract attention, and people start viewing you differently.

Regardless of your age, invisible braces will offer that much-needed boost in confidence. Braces and Invisalign aligners are effective ways to restore your smile.

Orthodontic care services are an excellent way to improve your social life. Invisible braces keep you upbeat and provide extra motivation to work on your family and life goals.

2. Reduce Oral Complications

Your overall oral health is dependent on the alignment and appearance of your teeth. Apart from irritation and reduced confidence levels, misaligned teeth can lead to other serious issues.

While the misalignments are seen from the outside, the real problem may be found deep inside the jaw. Jawbones are sometimes misaligned, which exerts pressure on them and the underlying joints. These misalignments can easily lead to the cracking of teeth, and it is worse when it happens to adults.

3. Wide Variety of Options

In the past, adults opted to stay away from orthodontic specialists for various reasons, one of them being discomfort. With time, this notion has changed, and the availability of many options has led to more awareness.

Our orthodontist will give recommendations, but you will be at liberty to choose what works for you. Additionally, we allow teenagers to choose their preferred option. After all, it is all about therapy and not punishment.

Invisible braces are the most popular option in family settings. The best part about it is that you will smile comfortably without attracting anyone’s attention. Besides braces, you might want to consider Invisalign aligners. Speak to our orthodontist and embrace what is appropriate for you.

4. Teeth Shift Naturally Over Time

The movement of teeth from their original position is not always caused by accidents. In most cases, it is a natural process that can be corrected. Ask for recommendations with the best orthodontist in Tulsa, Dr. Ryan Nowlin, and have your issue addressed.

Whether you had the privilege to use braces in your teenage years or not is not a major issue, so assess the current situation and restore your smile.

Make sure that your children see orthodontists from an early age. This approach will, by far, reduce complications that come with aging.

5. Smiling Is Therapeutic

Your general appearance is an area that stands to benefit from your consultations with our orthodontic specialist. Wearing a smile impacts several aspects of life, including your career. Apart from boosting your confidence level, clients will want to engage with a positive person.

Misaligned teeth will create a bad impression regardless of how cheerful you are. Straightening your teeth will change people’s perceptions about you.

Additionally, wearing a smile is an effective way to pass a positive message. Our orthodontist is here to ensure that your smile never disappoints.

Final Word

Gone are the days when metal braces were the only available option for misaligned teeth. The diversity in therapy options means that orthodontic treatment is no longer a teenage affair. For more information on orthodontic care services, contact our team at Nowlin Orthodontics and schedule your free orthodontic consultation today.