While there are various ways to straighten teeth, aligners are the only transparent, bracket- and wire-free alternative. One of the most popular aligner brands, Invisalign, lets you work, dine, and engage in social activities all while displaying a flawless smile. Invisalign provides several benefits for the wearer. Read on to learn about some of these benefits.

1. Invisalign Negates Open Bites

Open bites are defined by the absence of physical contact between the upper and lower teeth. Common causes of open bites include excessive thumb sucking as a child or an abnormally shaped jaw. If you do not repair your open bite with Invisalign or another method, you may start to experience pain when chewing or develop a speech impediment.

2. An Effective Treatment for Crossbite

Mismatched lower and upper jaws cause crossbites. This ailment is characterized by one or more of the upper teeth biting the interior of the lower teeth. Crossbites can develop on both the front and sides of the mouth. If you think you may have a crossbite, Invisalign offers a great solution.

3. Invisalign is Painless and Relatively Quick

Invisalign is a non-invasive alternative to metal braces. Traditional tooth imprints are no longer essential due to 3D digital scanning. This is excellent news for folks who have a strong gag reflex. Moreover, digital imaging is less invasive than conventional X-rays. Using computer-aided design (CAD) technology ensures precise Invisalign fittings. This means the aligners will fit snuggly against your teeth without irritating your gums or cheeks.

4. Invisible Appearance

Invisalign treatment is comprised of a series of clear, plastic aligner trays. They are transparent, so they do not take away from your face or smile. This is a good option for teens, adults, and young adults who wish to avoid the appearance of the brackets and wires used for traditional metal braces.

5. Invisalign Boosts Your Confidence

Twenty percent of patients who get braces are adults, according to Healthline. Patients with overcrowded or crooked teeth sometimes suffer from poor self-esteem. These patients are occasionally unwilling to show their smiles, laugh loudly, or even eat in public. If you choose Invisalign, your crooked or poorly spaced teeth will gradually move into their proper alignment leaving you with a smile you’ll want to show off.

Straightening your teeth with Invisalign will give you the extra boost you need to be confident in yourself allowing you to smile, laugh, converse, and eat without being self-conscious about your teeth. To learn more about Invisalign, or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Nowlin Orthodontics, today!