Are you an adult who regrets not getting braces in your teens? Have no fear, it’s never too late to seek the services of your local orthodontist. One out of three orthodontic patients are adults, according to the American Association of Orthodontics. Here are some signs to look for that will let you know it’s time to start checking out local orthodontists.

1. Trouble Sleeping

Do you snore excessively loudly, according to your spouse? Have you been diagnosed with sleep apnea, a condition that causes the air shaft to close when you sleep? There are devices that can treat these conditions. Your local orthodontic specialist can create a custom mouthguard for you to sleep with at night to prevent tooth grinding. The use of a CAP machine can also help alleviate sleep apnea by constantly flowing air into your airshaft.

2. Crowded teeth

Your teeth should always sit side by side. However, you may notice some teeth overlap and crowd into the same space. Orthodontists can prescribe traditional braces to correct the placement of your teeth. Fixing crowded teeth can also improve your oral hygiene, as you can’t properly brush and floss each tooth when they’re hiding behind other ones.

3. Large Gaps

Do you have large spaces and gaps in your teeth? Large spaces can sometimes impact the way you talk and create a speech impediment. It can also be harder to eat food if you can’t properly chew because of so many spaces. Is your confidence taking a hit because you feel subconscious when smiling due to large gaps and spaces? Luckily, your orthodontist can correct that with the use of braces or clear aligners.

4. Severe Bite Issues

Did you used to suck your thumb when you were younger, and now you have a major overbite? Maybe you have an underbite or a crossbite. These severe bite issues can also affect how you chew your food and cause mouth breathing when you sleep. Breathing from your mouth while sleeping can create a dry mouth, as well as lead to snoring.

Fixing misaligned teeth and bite issues is no longer something only for teens. More adults are seeking the perfect smile by visiting local orthodontists. Whether you get traditional braces or clear aligners or need help with sleeping disorders such as sleep apnea, your orthodontist specialist can help you. Take the next step in improving your smile and quality of life by visiting our local, friendly orthodontist today.