According to oral health experts, the average duration a person needs to wear braces is about two years. Braces, both metal and clear, can be a fickle friend. However, they also have the power to improve your oral health and self-esteem. Below are some tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your braces.

Get the Ideal Fitting

Getting the right brace fitting is important. Like with shoes, you want to make sure they fit properly. That means having comfortable straps and wires without too much pressure on any one part of your mouth. Braces are supposed to move with your mouth as your teeth move, but they won’t be comfortable if they are not fitted correctly.

Consult an Orthodontist

Everyone knows that finding the right orthodontist is one of the most important factors in keeping your teeth healthy. Before choosing a provider, you need to figure out what type of work you need done and how much it will cost. Visit an orthodontist’s website to see exactly what they offer.

Braces are among the more popular items on these websites for a good reason, but remember, not all treatments are alike. Some orthodontists recommend traditional metal brackets, while others prefer clear plastic brackets. Ask the doctor about different treatment options so they can provide you with information and give you peace of mind.

Brace Yourself for Better Braces

While there are not many things you can do about metal braces, there are some ways to improve your comfort while wearing traditional braces. You can choose new color bands for your brackets at appointments. These stylish accessories are available in just about any color. Additionally, you should ask your orthodontist for oral wax to place over brackets in places where they’re causing abrasions to your cheeks. The wax will provide a smoother surface and eliminate some pain.

When you first get your braces put on, it can be difficult to know what to expect or how long it will take for your teeth to come together. For some people, the process is quick, but it may take longer for others. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact the friendly team at Nowlin orthodontics, today!